We have recently upgraded our TD Facilitrade Online Service.
Please click on one of the following TD website links below and select TDfacilitrade to login.

To access via TD Securities website:
Step 1 : Click on https://www.tdsecurities.com/tds/content/GTS_GTF_TDfacilitrade?language=en_CA
Step 2 : Select 'Log in to TDfacilitrade.com' to login

To access via TD Commercial Banking website:
Step 1 : Click on https://www.tdcommercialbanking.com/home/index.jsp
Step 2 : From the dropdown list located on the top right corner of the page, select TDfacilitrade.com to login

Please also be reminded to update your Favourite/Bookmark with one of the TD website links above.

For additional support, please contact our help desk at 1877 285 0398.